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Confessions of a Shameless Name-Dropper
Adventures in the Music Business
By Mark Cabaniss
Bravo! Books

About the book

“Every page of Mark’s love letter to Show Business and the people he admires most within it is pure delight. But, what makes his book even more interesting is that Mark – himself an experienced Musician, Lyricist, Educator, and Businessman – knows about which he speaks. Not merely a frothy Valentine, this, but a view from true professional.”

-David Pomeranz Multi-Platinum Award winning Recording Artist and Songwriter

The music business has taken Mark Cabaniss on adventures far from his native state of North Carolina…from Nashville to Broadway to Holly­wood and back. In celebration of his 25th year in the music business, this self-admitted “shameless name-dropper” tells witty and inspiring stories of his fun connections through the years in Confessions of a Shame­less Name-Dropper. Join him as he shares the inside scoop of his encounters with legendary entertainers Bob Barker, Andy Griffith, Shirley Jones, Steve Allen, Dick Clark, Sherwood (Gilligan’s Island) Schwartz, Rupert Hol­mes, Doc Severinsen, and more. In between the anecdotes of these and others, he gives an account of his own career journey with insight and behind-the-scenes stories about the inner workings of several top music business companies, while celebrating the transforming power of music and the arts.

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