Music Business Essentials: A Guide for Aspiring Professionals

Music Business Essentials

Music Business Essentials: A Guide for Aspiring Professionals
by Mark Cabaniss (Author), Mike Curb (Foreword)
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

About the Book

The music business is an exciting, rewarding, confounding, treacherous, and exhilarating way in which to make a living. For those interested in following their dreams to enter this dynamic and ever-changing industry, nothing less than a road map is needed to navigate and strategize the journey.

Music Business Essentials will take musicians and beginning business students on a journey which imparts not only vital “nuts and bolts” information about the business of music, but provides inspirational and practical tips from a veteran traveler who has successfully navigated his own music business path to success for 30 years. From talent to tax tips, this book is the perfect, easy-to-read introduction to the music industry and will be an invaluable handbook for reference time and again. (Available in Hardcover/Softcover/E-print/Audiobook).

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“Mark Cabaniss knows his stuff. This is a profoundly helpful book for anyone hoping to make their dreams come true in an increasingly difficult business. He covers the gamut with knowledge, insight, and the wisdom of a decades-long career navigating the musical waters. This book just might be your golden ticket to success.”
-Kathie Lee Gifford