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Mark Cabaniss serves as a guest speaker/singer/entertainer for schools/universities, civic organizations and churches. Contact The Robinson Agency (below) to book Mark and/or learn more about these events.

Confessions of a Shameless Name-Dropper

Music and multi-media presentation based on Mark’s book of the same title

The music business has taken Mark Cabaniss on adventures far from his native state of North Carolina…from Nashville to Broadway to Hollywood and back.

In Confessions of a Shameless Name-Dropper: An Evening with Mark Cabaniss, this self-admitted “shameless name-dropper” tells witty and inspiring stories of his fun connections through the years in the music business and broadcasting. The stories are mixed with music and visual media to bring the audience into his world all the more.

Join him as he shares the inside scoop of his encounters with legendary entertainers Bob Barker, Andy Griffith, Shirley Jones, Kathie Lee Gifford, Steve Allen, Dick Clark, Sherwood (Gilligan’s Island) Schwartz, and more. It’s a walk down a classic showbiz memory lane.

The stories, photos, and video clips are woven together with beloved songs (Try to Remember, Trouble in River City, Edelweiss, and many more) sung by Mark, (accompanied by international touring pianist Dr. Diane Earle) bringing the stories all the more to life, while celebrating the transforming power of music and the arts. The audience walks away not only entertained and inspired, but educated about the complexities of the world of entertainment.

“Mark Cabaniss knows his stuff. This show is a kick!”
-Kathie Lee Gifford, Emmy Award-winning television icon

“Mark Cabaniss is a warm-hearted, wonderful raconteur.”
-Rupert Holmes, Tony Award-winning hit songwriter, playwright and artist

“Confessions of a Shameless Name-Dropper is a pure delight!”
-David Pomeranz, multi-platinum award-winning recording artist and songwriter

How to Be a Star In One Million Easy Steps

Publishing, Songwriting and Recording based on Mark’s book
“Music Business Essentials: A Guide for Aspiring Professionals”

In this event, Mark Cabaniss shares his over 30 years of experience in the music business as a songwriter, producer, publisher, broadcaster, and entertainer to give aspiring and/or interested people an inside look at the businesses of music and entertainment. Based on his book Music Business Essentials, Mark mixes fascinating anecdotes and lessons learned of his work with world-class celebrities with solid tips for success. Mark’s ultimate goal with this event is to educate, entertain, inform, and inspire.

“I so enjoyed the ‘How to Be a Star’ presentation! It was fast-paced, fun and Mark Cabaniss is hilarious!” – Deb S.

“Wow! After attending ‘How to Be a Star’ I not know only know a ton more about the music business but am inspired to go and follow my dreams!”
-Ryan M.

“The ‘How to Be a Star in One Million Easy Steps’ evening was so much fun. I learned more in that hour than I’ve learned in a whole semester.” -Natalie P.

Meet the Composer

Music event for churches and schools

In this event, Mark Cabaniss meets with any and all interested music directors and ensembles to conduct and interpret his music with the performing group(s). A public performance of the music (with Mark conducting) is an integral part of the experience for all. During rehearsals and performance, Mark weaves fascinating and relevant facts and anecdotes about the music itself and its creation along with his own rich experiences in the music business with world-class celebrities and musicians.

“Mark Cabaniss did a ‘Meet the Composer’ weekend at our church, where he worked with my 35-voice choir, rehearsed four of his wonderful anthems, and discussed his compositional process. Then he conducted them singing these compositions in church. He was a huge hit with the choir and the congregation! As one choir member said, ‘I learned more from him in two hours than I had in fifty years.’ His spiritual depth, zany personality, and outstanding musical skills brought a whole new dimension to my church choral singing and commitment. We can’t wait to have him return!” – Diane E.

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